About Green Building

 Seems like there is endless talk about the environment these days.  You can’t pick up a newspaper, read a magazine, watch television or surf the web without finding some mention about the environment and the worsening situation.  Every industry has been challenged to reduce it’s footprint on the world around us and home builders have quickly taken up the task.

 Consumers often confuse energy efficiency and green building.  While the most direct benefit of green building to consumers is the energy cost savings, there is much more to the green building story. Green building is a comprehensive approach to construction that takes into consideration not just the products used to build but building practices themselves. It is concerned with the impact the construction and long-term existence a home has on the area around it:

  • How much waste is created at the job site?  What happens to that waste?
  • How far do building supplies travel to get to the job site? 
  • What is the quality of the air inside the home? 
  • How much water is needed to maintain the landscaping around the home?


These questions, and many others, are asked and answered when a builder is truly “building green”.  It’s not enough to just be energy efficient. Meridian Mark Management is proud to be a company who has embraced green building and is working hard every day to improve the impact our practices have on the environment.

Is green building expensive?

It doesn’t have to be! Meridian Mark Management homes are sold at almost every price point.  In Greater Cincinnati, our companies build green built homes priced from $130,000 to more than $1.5 million.  And each of these homes qualifies for the Meridian Mark Green Seal.  Whether we’re building your first home or your dream home, the companies of Meridian Mark build all of them using green products and practices.

How do I know if my house is Green?

There are four major, nationally recognized rating systems for green building—LEED, ENERGYSTAR®, the American Lung Association’s Healthy Home and the National Home Builders Association’s green certification.  To qualify for the Meridian Mark Green Seal, our builders must achieve at least one of these certifications and be built to meet all four ratings standards.

Ready for more in-depth information on Green Building ? 

Click on the Green Building References arrow for links to several great Green Building resources.

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