Meridian Mark Management, a holding company for more than 30 companies,
 is committed to the environment.  We have challenged our companies to find new ways of
 doing business that reflect our commitment to energy efficiency and conservation of our natural resources. 
We want our customers
 to be confident that our products and services reach the highest levels of quality while 
minimizing our toll on the environment.

  We have introduced the Meridian Mark Green Seal. The Meridian Mark Green Seal is awarded to those products and services that meet or exceed industry and government standards for energy efficiency and environmental impact. Simple waste cutting and recycling isn't enough. To earn a Meridian Mark Green Seal, our companies have to demonstrate a real, positive impact on the environment, an improvement in their product and a true benefit to consumers.

  Meridian Mark Management believes a combination of action and education can greatly improve the world we live in. An important first step is to understand your environmental footprint. Visit to calculate your Green IQ score.

  To learn more about green building and the Meridian Mark Green Seal, click on the links to the left.


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