Meridian Mark Green Seal  

What are we saving?

The easy answer is “the planet.”  However, the true answer is not so easy. Meridian Mark Green Seal homes are energy efficient and healthier for your family. The products we use lead to healthier indoor air. For example, our insulation, made from recycled newspapers, is more mold resistant than traditional insulation. We also include higher rated air filters that clean the air and kill bacteria. The combination of these products moves beyond just what is good for the environment to what is good for the consumer as well.

 The Meridian Mark Green Seal lets buyers know they are buying a home that will also save them money. Energy costs will be at least 30 percent lower in a Meridian Mark Green Seal home. Maintenance will be lower because construction must be of the highest quality. 

 Believe it or not, Meridian Mark Green Seal homes will save buyers more than $30,000 during the life of their mortgage!

 Our strong commitment to the environment begins with our home building companies. A family’s largest investment is its home. While people are concerned about fuel mileage and pollutants from their cars, more energy and waste is created in homes. As a matter of fact, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that buildings in the U.S. account for 39% of total energy use, 68% of total electricity consumption and 38% of carbon emissions.

 There are four major rating systems for green building—LEED, ENERGYSTAR®, American Lung Association Healthy Homes and the National Home Builders Association’s green certification. To qualify for the Meridian Mark Green Seal, our builders must achieve at least one of these certifications and be built to meet all four ratings standards.

Additionally, a Meridian Mark Green Seal home will have a minimum of the following standard features:
  • Nu Wool Insulation for lower utility bills and to inhibit mold growth (per builder spec- check with your builder to see if this is a standard)
  • 92% high efficiency furnace for lower utility bills (per builder spec- check with your builder to see if this is a standard)
  • High-rated MERV filter to kill bacteria and improve indoor air quality
  • Low-E windows to minimize the UV that enters your home, keep heat of our during the summer and in during the winter
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint to reduce cancer-causing toxins and other pollutants released by traditional wall paints.
  • Programmable thermostats to maximize the efficient heating and cooling of your home (per builder spec- check with your builder to see if this is a standard)

Using environmentally friendly products is not enough. To earn the Meridian Mark Green Seal, our builders will have to use green process as well. And not only will our builders have to go the extra mile, so will their vendors:

  • Meridian Mark Green Seal builders will seek out vendors who have taken steps to be environmentally friendly in their manufacturing process.
  • They will use local vendors to reduce the transportation to and from the jobsite, therefore reducing the pollution caused by trucks and reducing energy consumption.
  • Active recycling programs need to be in place for all companies.
  • Vendors will be required to attend quarterly green building training programs.

 How much does the Meridian Mark Green Seal cost a customer?

The Meridian Mark Green Seal and the associated products are services are standard on every home our companies build. 

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